Secure Cyber insurance

Risk-free Internet use any time and anywhere

Secure Cyber insurance provides comprehensive protection if, for example, you fall victim to a cyber attack, so you can browse the Internet without having to worry. The advantages include expert assistance in the event of loss of or damage to your electronic data, financial losses as a result of personal access data theft and any violations of your right to privacy on the Internet.

Summary of benefits

Cyber insurance: Secure Cyber

The specific insured risks and benefits and exclusions or benefit restrictions for our insurance are outlined in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

Removal or deletion of defamatory content CHF 20’000.–
Psychological support CHF 3’000.–
Data retrieval and recovery CHF 5’000.–
Legal protection CHF 20’000.–
Online purchase protection CHF 20’000.–
Online account protection CHF 20’000.–

Choose the cyber protection that suits you


Important aspects of our lives are organised exclusively online. However, an unintentional lapse or a malicious attack on the Internet can have serious consequences. Secure Cyber insurance enables you to protect yourself comprehensively from the consequences of such risks.

65 CHF/year

Families and couples

Our children are growing up in a digitalised world. Secure Cyber insurance offers you and your family targeted protection against the risks associated with Internet use, enabling you to browse the World Wide Web without any worries.

95 CHF/year