Monday, February 1, 2021

Cyber attacks on the rise: How to protect yourself in the digital world

It is undisputed that the Conrona crisis has given our everyday lives a digitalisation boost that was thought impossible. We work in a home office wherever possible, do more and more shopping online and pay our bills mainly via e-banking. Schoolchildren and the judiciary are at times in digital home-schooling and always have their smartphones at hand. They chat and share personal pictures with friends on social media or consume other digital content.

There is no question that digitalisation enriches our everyday lives, simplifies them and, in times of COVID-19, also makes them safer. Unfortunately, however, it also brings dangers.

In 2020, hacker attacks on companies but also on private individuals have once again increased drastically. Worldwide, defence measures are estimated to cost 145 billion dollars. The widespread working from home also offers yet another new attack surface. Many companies had to convert their IT infrastructure to a home office at very short notice - in some cases without having developed adequate security concepts.

According to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), more than 500 reports were received in the first half of the year. Blackmailer e-mails accounted for the majority of the fraud attempts. According to NCSC experts, malware was also frequently distributed via e-mail or the infected attachment or a link on an infected website. In doing so, cybercriminals took advantage of the uncertainties among the population associated with the pandemic. Fraudulent emails promised access to protective masks, disinfectants or even COVID treatment methods.

Comprehensive protection against and education about cyber risks is therefore essential. We show you what you should be aware of when dealing with digital media and how you can protect yourself from possible dangers.

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Do you actually know what "phishing", "romance scam" or "infection with malware" means and how you can protect yourself against it?

If not, then you are certainly not alone. Our cyber security guide provides help and explains the most common terms of cybercrime and what you can do to protect yourself on the internet.

What is the use of a browser check and how can you carry it out yourself?

A browser check helps you to check programmes and plug-ins installed on your computer for up-to-dateness and known security problems. The test provides a list of the vulnerabilities found and helps you to fix them.

How secure is social media?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become indispensable in our digitalised world, but TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest are also constantly growing. In general, it is important to navigate social media with a certain amount of care. In the guidebook, families in particular will find helpful tips on how to deal with electronic media and the associated risks.

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Cyber risks: How can I protect myself?

Would you like to know how to protect yourself from ill-intentioned hackers? Download our cyber security guide and learn how.

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